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We are equipped to offer the
following services

​​​​Assembly and Set-Up

Manual Braze
- Induction
- Torch

Heat Treating
- Heat Trea​ting
- T​​orch
- Brite Anneal
- Normalizing
- Drawing
- Stress Relieve
- Induction Hardening

Induction Braze

Furnace Braze
- Exothermic Atmosphere
- Hydrogen Atmosphere
- Vacuum Furnace

- Dip Soldering
- Hot Plate
- Induction Soldering
- Torch Soldering

- Tackweld

Industries Served

Medical Field
Commercial Industries
High performance, after-market automotive

​Industry Specifications:
Mil Specifications
Customer Specifications​

General Information

Brazing, welding and soldering are ​methods of metal joining. These methods are suitable for the production and manufacturing of parts when castings or forgings are not desirable. Welding and Soldering are metal joining methods that are sometimes better known. For those not as familiar with Brazing, Brazing is performed on base metals such as: Stainless Steel, Mild Steel, Ferrous and Non-Ferrous Metals, Brass, Copper and Carbide. Brazing is a thermal process performed using various types of braze alloys such as Copper, Nickel, Silver, and Gold based filler metals, to join similar and dissimilar metals. The base metal and base metal combinations determine the appropriate filler alloy and flux use, as do the customer's design and product requirements.​