Retort Furnace Brazing-Hydrogen Atmosphere

A furnace is useful when the part demands consistent and even heating to prevent distortion. It’s especially useful for unique shapes.

In terms of furnaces, Galaxy Brazing is equipped with retort style hydrogen atmosphere furnaces in which we can perform an anneal and braze cycle. The selection of alloy is all dependent on the final fit, form and function of the parts. Typically, copper brazing is done in the retorts, but other alloys can be used for brazing, such as gold.

The use of a hydrogen atmosphere while at brazing temperature ensures that the parts come out of the brazing cycle with a clean, oxide free finish. Oxides being an inhibitor of braze alloy, it’s naturally undesirable and thus must be removed by the use of a reducing agent, such as Hydrogen. In addition to removing oxides, Hydrogen atmosphere allows for the parts to be ran without the use of flux, and with the surface oxides removed, the alloy then has the ability to wet and diffuse with the base material.