Torch Brazing

Unlike furnace brazing, torch brazing is accomplished through a more hands on approach.

Torch brazing is done with the use of a torch to heat a part that may have a unique or unusual design that has been dipped or coated in a protective flux. The purpose of the flux is to maintain a clean and un-oxidized part while also facilitating the flow of alloy into the joint area via capillary action. Combining one-part skill and one-part art, our operators are able to braze parts that would otherwise be too difficult for our competitors. Our skilled employees are experts at the brazing process, some boasting twenty plus years of service, that is why hard to braze parts that other companies cannot braze, are our specialty.

Unlike larger companies, Galaxy Brazing is able to spend the time on your product that it deserves, and still meet your deadlines.

We are capable of brazing and soldering most materials with an exception to aluminum, using the torch process.