Induction Brazing

Galaxy Brazing has the ability to both harden and join ferrous and non-ferrous materials together with a braze alloy through the power of induction. This method is an efficient and time saving way to braze small parts that are not uniquely designed.

Induction heating is achieved through the use of eddy currents. These eddy currents are created by a copper coil which has an alternating current running through it. This power running through the coil creates an electromagnetic field. Once a part is inserted between the coil, eddy currents are then formed and heating can occur. This allows for the heating of the fluxed part in a localized area, where alloy can then melt and join the two metals.

Induction brazing allows for not only a repeatable heating method where heat can be centralized and uniform, but also a cleaner looking braze joint. We are capable of brazing and soldering most materials with an exception to aluminum, using the induction process.